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A Service Specialising  in the Treatment of Bedwetting

Awakedry is a professional health service offering immediate assistance to families to resolve bedwetting. Bedwetting, or what the medical profession call nocturnal enuresis, is a very common condition affecting one in eight children commencing primary school. Left untreated, at age fourteen 4% of adolescents still have a problem with bedwetting.

Awakedry provides a service to overcome bedwetting by providing an individualized, cost-effective treatment program.

Overcoming bedwetting creates a great sense of achievement not only for the child but the entire family. Having achieved dryness, the child gains confidence and their self-esteem is enhanced.

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Awakedry can be contacted on Phone: 03 9857 5030

                                              E-mail: info@awakedry.com.au

                     Postal Address:  86 Almond Street, North Balwyn, Vic, 3104

                     Consulting Suite is located at:

                     86 Almond Street, North Balwyn, 3104



This site provides general information about bedwetting / nocturnal enuresis problems in children and adolescents. It is not intended as a  substitute for individual assessment and management with a suitably qualified health care professional. Every effort has been made to ensure this site is free from error and or omissions. This site is solely funded by Awakedry.

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