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Current research shows that bedwetting is a strongly hereditary condition. The condition is, usually, caused by the fact that the child's body is not producing adequate amounts of a hormone called Antidiuretic Hormone (also called vasopressin) when the child sleeps. 

The Antidiuretic Hormone has two actions.

  • It decreases the volume of urine produced by the kidneys overnight.
  • It causes the child not to sleep as deeply so that they become aware when their bladder is full. Most children who wet the bed are very deep sleepers.

Children and adolescents who wet of a night are "normal" in all other aspects of their development. Many parents mistakenly believe the condition is psychological. In fact, it is physiological or "biochemical" in origin. The typical client treated by Awakedry is a healthy, developmentally normal young person who happens to wet of a night.

 In very rare instances, bedwetting may be caused by a physical or emotional problem.

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